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Anonymous asked: you are SUCH a babe, have a nice day. xo

oh well thank you!

Anonymous asked: God you are handsome

you’re too kind!

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Anonymous asked: It's the truth. Any girl would be lucky to have you. If only I was that lucky...

I’ve been single for 3 years pretty much!

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Anonymous asked: You're so handsome x

thank you! :)

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Anonymous asked: judging by what you're posting, i'd really like to have sex with you, wow.. (that, and I find you very attractive)

They’re all being reblogged from my other more explicit blog, so you may enjoy that.

I’m just particularly frustrated tonight

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Anonymous asked: I wish you were under my tree.

Santa forgot me! let me know who you are and ill be there asap!

Anonymous asked: do you find girls with olive colour skin attractive?

god yes!

Anonymous asked: I may have just creeped your pictures. Sweet baby jesus you are a handsome devil!

you’re only kidding yourself!

Anonymous asked: you are gorgeous :)


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Anonymous asked: can we please have sex pleeease come to aberdeen :(

Scottish accent does wicked things to me (in a good way)

Anonymous asked: Who are your favorite girls who post hot photos of themselves? I need some beautiful girls to follow!!!! go nuts!

theres like 300 pages

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Anonymous asked: fucking hell, you are beautiful.

I think you have myself and Sarah confused!

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Anonymous asked: well if they had some problems because of their childhood that affected the way they reacted to things and had an impact on their mood sometimes? Many guys have referred to that as 'baggage' :/

No because that’s understandable, that’s not baggage that’s someone you help that person with.

Anonymous asked: Just curious, what do you consider baggage? Would childhood abuse qualify?

oh wow erm, no I wouldnt, what I meant when I said about baggage was ex’s and still having feeling for them or lack of confidence to an extent that it stops you doing some things.

Anonymous asked: You are amazing...

as are you!

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